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She is a girl like Avril Lavigne, my first celebrity sim :)
I know she isn't perfect but I think she's still kinda cute :P  
Hope you like her <3

Bodyshop view

Included CC
Skintone: Ephemera
Hair: Helga
Make up: Anva, Dolores_Haze, Eclipse, Ephemera, Heinz, Mouseyblue, Rensim
Outfit: Pretale
False lashes: PeggyZone

CC by me
Eyebrows: Original texture and alpha are from Simple Life, I edited color and height
Eyeshadow: handpainted over Mouseyblue's skintone texture
Nosemask: Base texture is from Sironasims

Accessories(necklace, bracelets, rings and black nails) are not included.


If you're interested in her side eye contacts, this is not included in sims2pack but you can get it here.
The texture is by mouseyblue, I just moved the pupil. This is found under blush.

Dress her up as you like :3

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